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Selecting an Adult Kick Scooter for Sightseeing

Le 22 octobre 2015, 03:10 dans Humeurs 0

Pick your kick scooter for sightseeing by taking into account your weight, height, and shoe size.

All scooters are rated for body weight. While you can usually stretch their specifications a bit, a 275 pound person should not scoot on a scooter rated for 220 pounds. The lower weight rating on scooters often indicates that they are better suited for short people.

Your height, not your weight, determines whether you can properly stand on a scooter. Ideally, a  kicks scooter's fully extended handlebar should at least reach your waist. If, when you stand upright on its floorboard, you bend slightly to touch its handlebar, the kick scooter is too small. If you must "make do," you can usually have a longer handlebar/poll crafted at a bike shop, but the new length might alter some other feature that the kick scooter provides,then you need an electric scooter for adults.

While children often scoot on smooth asphalt playgrounds, sightseers cannot pre-select uniform scooting surfaces. More likely, you'll find yourself traveling from smooth to rough surfaces, such as those found in San Antonio's glorious Riverwalk. If your push scooter doesn't fit your body type, rough areas will be very uncomfortable, cause imbalance, and possibly be dangerous due to poor shock absorption that's stressed by your weight.

Scooting techniques: Take the time to learn your scooter's navigational behavior. Speed control, for example, is exceptionally important. Keep in mind that it is very easy to travel at speeds far faster than walking. Dragging your kick foot along the ground for speed control is not enough to suddenly stop it (especially when rolling downhill) without pitching forward.

I prefer an alternate-leg pushing technique because it equalizes the pressure on my hips and can greatly extend the time spent traveling. To execute this maneuver, however, the floorboard must be long enough to rest two feet. The picture below shows that I can execute the alternate-leg push on my beloved Original Kickboard (a 3-wheel scooter), but just barely when wearing size 9 woman's athletic shoes. Small feet on this kick scooter rule.

No matter which pushing technique you use, you need enough room on the floorboard to position a foot near the back fender brake without continuously resting it on the brake itself. Overall, when rolling (or "cruising") having the ability to place both feet on your scooter's foot-board makes sightseeing and the distances covered during it more pleasurable.

Carrying and packing a scooter: An adult kick scooter takes up less floor space than a bike, about the same space as a portable shopping cart, and less space than a baby stroller. This means that unfolded scooters can be pulled in areas used by carts, strollers, and bike-accessible areas.

When folded, my preference is to roll my kick scooter like a shopping cart. Not all scooters allow this, although adjustments can be made. No matter what, minimize your need to haul a folded scooter.After all, the object of this portable transportation device is to scoot. Click for a quality selection of adult kick scooters.

Ways to Choose a Good Taobao Agent

Le 25 septembre 2015, 04:25 dans Humeurs 0

So many people will consider it:  what is the best Taobao agent shopping and buying service, commission, international shipping, and many other points right now in this blog post. And further more, How to choose a good reliable Taobao agent?


Whether you have already bought from Taobao with a Taobao agent or you are preparing to place your first order and wondering if you can trust this Taobao agent, here we go with some ideas:


First, make a list of available Taobao agents you have already found through Google (or your preferred search engine) and forums about shopping or buying from China. Then, check for agent’s information, terms and conditions about payment and delivery, in the way to get a clearer picture of what it would cost you to buy from (and if it is worth it at all). Remember: not all items are that cheap on Taobao and not every Taobao agent provides that low commission fees for their service. So after this different comparison, make an estimation of your purchase. If the agent offers you the possibility to look for Taobao items on your behalf, give it a try, probably they can suggest you the products with a good value for money. For example, a good Taobao agent may consider the quality of the product, the price and the seller reputation. When the agent estimates that this would create a good value for you, then you should be immediately informed about the chosen item.


Second, if you are not sure about which Taobao agent to choose, try to contact each with the same request of information and wait for replies. In this way, you can estimate how reactive the agent is, as well as the quality of reply (if it answers to your question in satisfied way): understandable English, clear answer to your question… Consider also, if your own language is available for this service, normally that would make communication easy and fast.


Third, one of the most important points while buying from Taobao is international shipping fees. You might be wondering what is so special about international shipping fees. But if you buy from Taobao several items and you want a fast delivery to Europe, Northern America, Australia or even Singapore, the price is based on the weight of each 500g. So before buying the items, you should estimate the total weight of parcel and the corresponding fees. Taobao agent should give you an estimation, because it is always possible to ask the item weight from the seller. Also before international shipping, a good Taobao agent should suggest you the best way to deliver your items: it includes the choice of shipping / delivery company, optimizing the parcel weight and customs advise. You should remember that no any Taobao agent is responsible for customs clearance (if required) of the products you buy from Taobao. It should be possible to declare the shipping as non-commercial. Another fact is that most Taobao agents offer very attractive international shipping fees, sometimes going up to 70% discount. Yes, sometimes it happens, but be prepared to wait for quite a long time to get your parcel. Optimal range for a discount is 30-60%, depending on the items you want to buy.


The above are three most important elements to go through before start buying from Now let’s check for more individual points about Taobao agents.


It is rather personal appreciation: check the quality of information which is present in the offer on agent’s website. This is not a rule, but often a quality information attracts more people and the conversion rate is considerably higher than for websites with poor information.


Taobao agent should be able to write and read a correct English. This is the minimum. If you have difficulties with English and Taobao agent is not clear in writing in English, then there is a great chance of misunderstanding. Probably, if English is not easy for you, try to find the agent speaking your own language first.


We will think about other points to add in the future, but it seems that it is already quite complete information to start your Taobao shopping. If you have any questions or suggestions about Taobao agents, buying from or other information, feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

Several tips for riding an electric gyropode

Le 17 septembre 2015, 04:22 dans Humeurs 0

Nowdays, it's not rarely to see people riding electric gyropodes whether on the street,or on you way home.However,not everyone is good at controling it.There are some useful tips for riding gyropodes,why not come on and have a see?!

1. Riding an electric gyropode is like riding a bicycle

Part of what makes these tours great for beginners is the full safety drill you get before the actual tour begins. I learned everything from how to make it move to how to stop short in an emergency (you thrust your rear out, straighten your arms, and pull your shoulders back — the electric gyropode will follow suit).

You're not expected to be an expert, and like any new skill, it takes practice. But, once you get the basic motions, they become natural, and you're not likely to forget them. And, as my tour guide said: no matter how confident you feel, always keep both hands on the handlebars.

It's also good to know that your electric gyropode will never sit perfectly still while you're on it. As long as you stand straight and keep your eyes ahead, just like you would on a bicycle, you'll be balanced and in control.

2. They can be stubborn

Electric gyropodes look funny with their long necks and clunky wheels, but let me tell you they're no joke. Like a treadmill, an electric gyropode can't stop on its own. You have to stop it yourself. That means if you accidentally fall off, be prepared to chase down a machine with a mind of its own.

Which is (ahem) something I had to learn the hard way. In my case, I accidentally hit a large tree root while off-roading in a wooded part of the park, impulsively tugged the handles (which, for the record, doesn't do anything since electric gyropodes respond to the forward-backward movements of your feet, not your hands), and fell off, temporarily losing my dignity and a slip-on sneaker. But, rest assured, that's a rarity on these rides. And it didn't stop me from getting right back up.

3. You'll have fun

As soon as you get past the fear of looking silly or getting hurt, riding an electric gyropode can feel exhilarating. Plus, you'll experience more than you ever could from an open-top bus or a car window — I got to really stop and smell the flowers, feel the breeze, and get to know a new group of people.

Even though I purpled a knee during my ride, I had a great time learning a new skill … and getting back on the metaphorical horse.

4. You'll go fast(ish)

Maybe it was being directly exposed to the outside world, with no doors or windows to keep me in, but in any case, I felt fast. Whether on uneven terrain or flat, winding trails, going even 5 mph to 12.5 mph (12.5 mph being the fastest a standard electric gyropode can go) actually feels like … gliding (the term electric gyropode users use). The feeling of freedom that followed was invigorating.

5. You'll want to keep going

Electric gyropodes are, first and foremost, fun! Even though I took a little tumble, I had a blast. Along with the responsibility to ride safely, the feeling of power, and the sense of speed, there's something easily overlooked: there's nothing like riding an electric gyropode. It's a unique way to get around — stranger than a scooter or a skateboard — and once it was over, I wanted to do it again.

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Want to weigh in? Share your electric gyropode story in the comment section below.

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